WATCH: Obama's former pilot describe UFO encounter and how MOST pilots believe in ALIENS

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Are we alone in the universe? WATCH: Obama's former pilot describes UFO encounter and how MOST pilots believe in ALIENS! Do you believe that there are other living beings out in the universe? Have you ever seen a UFO? Barak Obama's former pilot, Andy Danzinger comes out to tell people that he has seen UFOs, and that most pilots have seen UFOs and believe that aliens exists. The reason he hasn't talked about seeing a UFO until almost 30 years, is because of the unwritten understanding that the topic was taboo, and when he saw the UFO, he was just starting out as a pilot and he didn't want to be mistaken as crazy. Most people in that time period, who admitted to seeing UFOs and aliens, were labelled as mentally insane. Today, it is thankfully becoming more accepted, because more people are coming out over the internet, with stories and experiences like this one that Andy Danzinger, tells us about in the videos on the Express website.

Andy says that it was a beautiful clear day when he was taking off from Kansas City International Airport, on a flight bound for Waterloo, Iowa, the year was 1989. Shortly after they got up into the air, he and the captain of the plane, both saw a huge disk shaped object in the sky. When they realized it seemed to be staying with them, they ruled out any other possibilities, such as the object being the moon. It couldn't have been the moon, because they saw the moon in a crescent shape in a different area of the sky. Then, they ruled out that it might be searchlights. Then, he said that the disk turned into a big red ball and disappeared! He says that it was amazing and like nothing he had ever seen before!

He says that he has talked with other pilots too, and says that many of them have experiences seeing UFOs. Some of them say thank you to him for coming out with this information as a brave thing to do, most of them are afraid to come out with the information, but most of them also want disclosure that things like this do happen and that extraterrestrials exist. He even says in the second interview, that there are millions and trillions of plants out there, you have to believe that we are not alone in the universe! And that most of the pilots he knows, do believe in extraterrestrial life out there in the universe.

It wasn't until 2008, that Andy would be the pilot flying Obama's plane, during his election campaign, but even that can't top this amazing experience that he had when he saw this UFO one day in 1989. He says he would be open to seeing something like this again too, but he is not sure where or how, he said that he was just living his life and it just happened, so maybe it will happen again. Have you ever seen anything like this? Or would you ever want to see something like this?

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