Virtual 3D Roller-coaster ride in space!

Virtual 3D Roller-coaster ride in space! Virtual reality just keeps getting better and better and with the next-generation of virtual reality headsets due coming out this year from companies like Oculus, HTC, and Sony, the virtual reality technology is going to be one of the fastest moving technologies of 2016. If you have never tried virtual reality technology you are in for a treat, because it is just like being in the real thing. So a virtual 3D roller coaster ride in space is just that, like being in space and knowing what it feels like to be an astronaut with a whole new perspective of the world. Virtual reality is an amazing technology and sure to get more popular in the future. You will find virtual reality in immersive video games and movies, to include a virtual reality rollercoaster that is due to open at Alton Towers in the United Kingdom this April. Riders of the new virtual reality Galactica ride will strap themselves to the rollercoaster as you normally would and then riders are thrown around, as they get to see the wonders of deep space.

The virtual reality ride uses customized Samsung Gear virtual reality headsets. You buy a ticket that will be for a three minute where you can look around seeing distant galaxies and warp tunnels. To help combat motion sickness, the shoulder straps that hold you in will limit how much you're able to move around your head while the sensors are going to be monitoring the position of each headset to make sure that everyone on the virtual reality rollercoaster gets a perfect view of the stars. The drops and turns that you will experience on the virtual reality ride are going to be synchronised with the Galactica visuals. This helps to solve one of the main problems of virtual reality that the technology is very much a vision only experience if you're strapping on an Oculus Rift head set or a Gear virtual reality in the comfort of your home. With the shaking of the virtual reality ride, you are going to feel like you are in outer space, and that offers so much more to the experience. Virtual reality technology isn't for everyone, with the technology feeling so real it's easy for people to feel a little scared or out of sorts because it feels so real. Just remember you can alway take the head set off if you feel like it isn't for you. Virtual reality technology has been around for a while, but it's only in recent years that the technology has been developed and brought to a level where it's now more realistic, and also more affordable and able to be made into a compact headset. Early adopters of the technology are still going to have to pay top dollar to use it, with the most famous consumer product being that of the Oculus Rift, which is available for pre-order for $599. One thing for sure you will be seeing more and more of this exciting and fun technology as time goes by.

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