40 Black & White Photos That Cannot Be Explained

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Photos are such an awesome invention, they capture memories of time that we would like to remember forever. Here are 40 Black & White Photos That Cannot Be Explained! Photos are the moments we capture in time, to save for another day to be able to reminisce upon our lives or look into the lives of others. I always enjoy looking at older photos for this reason, they are such a fun way to see what life was like in the past, before cell phones and computers. When we look at these 40 amazing old photos, we can see that they were just as creative as we can be now. And that a sense of humour is always something that will be around, no matter what era it is.

These photos are wonderfully hilarious, quirky and some are just down right strange. But one thing that is consistent is a sense of play and fun in them all. Some of them that were meant to be serious, are actually funny and some that are meant to be funny, might make you wonder what they were thinking when they took the photos. Like the one of the baby with all of the guns in her crib! It is funny, and the guns were hopefully not loaded, but something like this would be seen as child abuse or something along those lines! So they also show us how much things have changed and show us that maybe sometimes people are a little too uptight these days maybe.

There are some cute animal ones like the stork with the running shoes on it. Or the little black kitty being held by the man. The words at the bottom were kind of weird though, saying that the kitty is in the hands of the enemy, like what does that mean? Isn't it interesting how one photo can spark so many questions. Like the one of Erin O'Keefe's grave and how it says she was eaten by mountain rats... Like what was she doing up on the mountain long enough to be eaten by rats? So many questions! The one of the people with clown masks standing behind the man with the violin is pretty funny yet kind of creepy to... Insane Clown Posse comes to mind...

What about the one of the man holding the gigantic grass hopper?! Was that real?! I have to doubt that! Maybe they had their own ways of photoshopping back then, it probably would have taken a week to do it, but they were probably still able to somehow I bet. Or maybe it was real! Who knows except the people that were there I guess. The one of the guard looking a little uncomfortable below, is too funny, usually they are so stern, but here he looks like he's got a major emergency happening! Too funny, perfect shot! I love 19 too, with the little kid dressed up as the alien, that must have been so much fun! And the wizard on the rocking horse being pulled by a clown is too great! That is probably my absolute favourite one of all. Have a look through all of these hilarious photos! They are sure to brighten up any day!

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